Valentine's Day Intimates

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Valentine’s Day is all about love. Whether you have a significant other or your choosing to spend the night on the couch with your furry, four legged best friend, this day is beloved by almost everyone. Hate it or crave it, the buzz around V Day is loud and clear. There’s flowers to buy and cards to write and in the end, you’ll give in to this warm and fuzzy ocassion almost every time. Esepcially if there’s chocolate involved!

Whether you’re giving in to the hype or not, we’ve decided to curate a shop collection of our favorite cotton intimates to celebrate Valentine’s Day. There’s nothing better than buying yourself (or someone special if your one of our gentlemanly readers), a great pair of cotton intimates as a gift this day of the year.

In fact, a recent article in the Sourcing Journal spoke to the benefits of buying cotton undergarments when shopping in the intimates section. They stated, “Among women, more than one in two (54%) are ‘very or somewhat concerned’ that their intimates may be made from manmade fibers, according to Monitor statistics. When compared to underwear made from manmade fibers, about seven in 10 women say cotton underwear is the most sustainable (76%), softest (77%), comfortable (79%), and breathable (69%).”

Furthermore, Cora Harrington, founder and editor-in-chief of The Lingerie Addict, says cotton has a very special place in the intimates business because, “Cotton also has a certain reputation as a lingerie fiber – naturalness, lightness, breathability, washability, etc. – that doesn’t translate as well to other lingerie fibers.”

Clearly, women are specifically seeking out cotton when looking to buy intimates because it means they’ll be getting a product that’s of better quality without sacrificing style and their hard earned dollars. So it may be cheesy and all to get yourself or one of your loved ones some new intimates in honor of Valentine’s Day, but we promise, you won’t regret checking that label for cotton in the process! You’re going to love these fancy bralettes and adorable undies. Shop the collection!

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