Travel Guide: Getting There Refreshed and Stylish

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Flying can be stressful. Between the security lines and lack of personal space, even the experienced flyer can feel some travel anxiety. So, sit back and take a deep breath, we have some easy solutions to use this time to relax in comfort.

First, it’s all about breathable fabrics. Make sure to layer with a light jacket and scarf that will keep you warm against the cold temperatures, and not uncomfortable with too many bulky layers. Cotton pieces will also provide you with that breathability, AND they’re also your best bet to stepping off the plane wrinkle free and stylish.

Next, to breeze through security more seamlessly, opt to sport a slip on. Not only will you avoid backing up the line behind you struggling to lace up your shoes, but your feet during flight will thank you.

Your carry-on is ideal for all the smaller items you may need during the flight. A pair of socks can allow you to go shoeless mid-air without the eyes on you from fellow passengers, a pair of your own headphones, chapstick and your book/Kindle/iPad for easy reading.

The final and most important trick to make the trip your own oasis is keeping out the light from the overhead lights or windows with an eye mask. This one from J.Crew is worth sporting just for the fun design. Then be sure to make the entire flight jealous with an easy to pack inflatable neck pillow.

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