The New Converse Campaign

cotton news converse new campaign

So they are ditching their perfectly poised and posed shoots and tossing out their typical advertising campaign! One of our favorite cotton sneaker brands, Converse, has just announced they are going in a new direction with their “Made by You” campaign.In an effort to celebrate creative thinkers and artistic influencers, Converse is taking their fans on a journey to revisit Chuck Taylors collected by global icons in every industry. Each pair of shoes tells a story that they hope resonates with their beloved followers.

But our favorite part in particular is the fact that all of these iconic Chuck Taylors are made of cotton canvas, which leads to the reason so many creative individuals choose to wear them. Converse is an extremely durable and comfortable shoe brand. They can be worn just about anywhere, especially today as fashion bloggers and style experts alike are taking Converse to a whole new trend-setting level by mixing them with higher end pieces for a casual meets formal look. It’s no mistake that this brand of shoes has had the same look for so many decades without going out of style. Its cotton construction and simple design makes it an excellent choice for men, women and children and it’s definitely one of our favorite pairs of cotton shoes to date!

Learn more about the new campaign and check out our favorite bloggers wearing converse above.

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