The Every Day Look: A Refinery29 Challenge

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What if someone challenged you to wear the same outfit for an entire month? Yes, we said an entire 31 days in the exact same clothes. We can’t imagine anyone would be up for the challenge, but Refinery29 Fashion Editor Connie Wang was ready to take on the test.

For the entire month of May, Connie wore the same 6 pieces. From work events to dinners with friends and everything in between, her outfit followed her. When deciding what ensemble would be the perfect look for this odd, yet intriguing, endeavor, Connie chose 100% cotton pieces. Her signature style, or “uniform” as she often refers to it, just so happens to be made of a natural, comfortable, versatile fabric perfect for a challenge such as this.

So how did she do? Well, it’s safe to say she won’t be trying this again anytime soon. While Connie learned that picking out an outfit every morning is an important part of her daily routine, she has moments when she looks back on her challenge, and misses her uniform. In an article detailing her month long experience Connie says, “I did miss some things about my uniform… I didn’t realize how many of my other clothes were aggravating my contact dermatitis — after living in 100% cotton for a month, my skin was a baby around synthetics.”

We have to commend her for a job well done! While we don’t suggest wearing the same outfit every single day, we have to say, we love her style. That cotton button-down, cardigan and cropped denim look is as stylish as it gets. Read about Connie’s challenge and shop her look!

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