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It’s hard to believe that it’s already March! Birds are chirping, the snow is melting and outdoor activities are getting the green light. There is no better way to prep to sweat than to get yourself the perfect clothes. What greater motivation is there to get to the gym than knowing you have an awesome new outfit you have to rock? You know it’s true.

Don’t worry, you can leave your google search alone, we went ahead and curated some great cotton work out pieces for your next class/competition. Check out our easy to replicate ensembles for your new exercise style- whether it be running, tennis, yoga or spinning.


For those mythical creatures that do truly enjoy running recreationally, consider a bright baseball cap to put some spring in your step and block out the sun.

Ditching the shirt on a hot day? Then be sure to let your bra do all the talking with an in-vogue high neck sports bra. An added bonus, it covers your chest-- which is extremely susceptible to sunburns. Being sweaty shouldn’t slow you down and neither should the sun.

Pro Tip: Get the ultimate range of flexibility by choosing breathable shorts to run in instead of a long pant for the summer months.


Tennis outfits are less stiff and more about the pizazz these days. Go for a more updated polo look with louder prints. Bright tank tops are excellent for looking fresh and distracting your opponents on the court. Get the perfect combination of modern and versatile by pairing the tank with a jersey pleated skirt and knee high socks.

Accessories are all the rage at the Grand Slams. Take Serena’s chandelier earrings or Anna Kournikova’s intricate braids. Jazz up your ensemble with Williams’ sisters inspired jewelry and a bubble ponytail.

Beauty Tip: To do your own Bubble Ponytail: tie 2-3 elastics down the length of your ponytail--pull at them a little for some volume-- and voila, you’ve got that bubble look.

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Deep breath in. Deep breath out. This is the very last sport you should be stressing over. Channel your inner zen with flowy, easy long tank tops-- that won’t annoyingly cling to you during your workout--and fun printed pants. This is the activity that started the athleisure revolution so be sure to show off your style with tops that have less traditional straps. Ditch the classic scoop neck for a multi-spaghetti strap look or opt for a low hanging back.

Pro Tip: Make sure you test your yoga pants before wearing. Put your hand inside a leg and gently stretch the fabric. If you can see your skin through the pant, chances are, fellow yogis will see your underwear during downward facing dog.


Whether you’re a die hard Soul Cycle-r or an occasional dabbler in the art of spinning, you need to choose your outfit wisely. This intense workout is heavy on the legs so be very sure the fabric lets your legs breathe properly-- a la cotton.

Love sitting in the front row? Have your personality shine through with a sports bra that shows your edgy side. Opt for a cage back or multiple straps for a cooler, less basic design. Have the people on the bikes behind you begging to find out where you got that bra from.

Cotton Tip: For those with long hair or bangs, tie your hair up in a bun and secure it back with a head band. Burning between 500-700 calories can really make you sweat so you don’t want your sweaty hair being a nuisance during your ride.

What’s your go-to athletic outfit? Tag us in a photo at @DiscoverCotton or use #CottonFavorites.

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