Summer’s Hottest Trend: Gingham

summer trends gingham clothing

Trends come and go - boho is in, then it’s out, then it’s in again. Same goes for hem lengths, fringe, patterns and color stories. Gingham hasn’t been popular for over a decade, making this femme trend even more refreshing than usual.

Fun fact: Don’t know the difference between gingham and plaid? It is actually much easier than you’d expect. First, gingham is always white with another color (plaid can be multiple). Gingham’s colors are also always the same size widths, while plaids can be different variations.

During a recent trip to Ann Taylor (which, by the way, is really having a moment right now) we saw a heavy sampling of gingham all over the store. The pops of yellow were a welcome mix to the usual black & white variations. Bonus points for these cotton-rich items, fashionable and breathable for warmer months!

Because this pattern is such a classic, all you really need to finish the look are solid color pairings. With a black & white gingham print for example, pairing with a white or black solid allows you the opportunity to bring in brighter pops of yellow, red or pink effortless with your accessories. The best thing about this print is that, unlike other prints/patterns/stripes, the even width of this checkered print are extremely flattering to all body shapes and sizes.

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