Suigeneric Watches

cotton news suigeneric watch straps

Only time will tell! Literally. These Suigeneric watches speak for themselves because they are not only stylishly causal and uniquely crafted, but they are also durable because the straps are made from cotton. Watch faces are usually the focal point of your timepiece, so it makes sense you’d want to pick one out that’s everlasting. However, the watch band on the other hand, is something you can most certainly play around with. Similar to the way we often alternate shoes depending on our outfit, these watch bands make it possible to change up your look with a simple swap of a strap.

How fun is that? Suigeneric is a New York based company doing just that. They have designed playfully printed styles that can be switched around depending on your look or mood. This is also makes it possible to take your watch from a causal piece to a much more formal look, making it perfect for almost every occasion. The best part of all? This company is apparently the first to use waxed coated cotton in their designs. By incorporating this kind of cotton, the brand was able to create a naturally water-repellent fabric that results in a durability that can’t be beat by cheap synthetic copycats. These waxed twill canvas bands are perfectly priced at $45 and under and come in a number of fun styles like leopard, marble and striped prints. And did we mention that they’re unisex!

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