St. Patrick's Day Wears

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Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Scarlett Johansson have recently been spotted out and about on the red carpet in one extremely hip jewel tone color – and that color is emerald green. While we truly believe this color simply never goes out of style, its place in the hierarchy of trendy hues goes up and down fairly easily when it comes to fashion. However, if you’re a lover of one holiday in particular, you’re in luck. Not only has this fabulous color been seen on A-list celebrities recently all over town, but it’s St. Patricks day tomorrow, which means you can rock this color all day long knowing you’re definitely in style.

In honor of this holiday, we’ve picked out a few great cotton looks for some St. Patrick's day cotton inspiration. Nothing is too green or overly cheesy and festive. Each of these pieces can easily be incorporated into your regular wardrobe and worn on any other day of the year. So we’re tipping our hats to the Irish today with these fun (and versatile) ensembles. Check it out!

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