Speaking of Sneakers

cotton news superga for versus versace sneakers

Sneakers have taken the fashion world by storm this year. We’re not just talking about your traditional gym shoe. These days, they come in fabulous prints in the form of lace-ups, high-tops, slip-ons and wedges. From bloggers rocking Converse with their designer duds to celebrities kicking up their heels in sneaks all around town, sneakers are now the perfect way to dress your feet for any occasion.

When shopping for sneakers this fall, look for ones made of cotton canvas. Choosing a sneaker made of this natural fabric allows your feet to breath, giving you the comfort you need as well as the style you crave. Whether paired with skinny jeans and a sweater or a dressier skirt and blouse, canvas kicks are on the way up.

The unexpected ways of wearing canvas sneakers are our absolute favorite. When paired with sundresses and feminine basics, it’s clear that these shoes are giving outfits an unexpected edge. Combine that with the fact that they are utterly the most comfortable thing you’ll do for your tootsies this year, and they are a shoe in when it comes to fantastic fall style (literally).

Shop some of our favorite cotton kicks to really step into the sneaker trend.

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