Send Your Kids Back to School in Style!

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Back to school season is upon us, whether we like it or not. Emotions range among both parents and children, from excitement and preparedness, to dread and anxiety.  Books, school supplies, haircuts, yearly check-ups, and your child’s summertime growth spurt means clothing needs to be added to the pile of things to do. All of these items may seem overwhelming, but back to school clothing shopping doesn’t have to be time consuming OR expensive. In fact, we have items that both you and your kids will love (we know how hard it can be to please both of you!).

We have selections of clothes that will deem your kids as Pinterest-worthy, and allow them be confident on their first day back to class (remember that stress??). Not only will everyone love these items, but because cotton is so durable, their clothes won’t look worn after all those rounds of recess kickball. If you find yourself back-to-school shopping at Target, check out their new Cat & Jack™ line which is all about Tough Cotton™, a soft fabric designed for children that becomes stronger with every wash. Now, that’s what we call a win for parents and their wallets.

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