Sézane + Madewell

We absolutely love French fashion. There’s a certain level of chic that happens every time you wear something remotely inspired by this culture’s trendy style and timeless taste. So it was extremely exciting for us to hear that one of our favorite brands teamed up with French label Sézane to create their second capsule collection – a unique mix of designs featuring clean cuts and flattering silhouettes for the fashion-forward minimalist.

As soon as we heard about the collection’s release, we raced on over to Madewell.com to check it out. From striped tees stamped with cute French sayings to fall hooded jackets, these items are selling out fast and we’re not at all surprised. But if you hurry, you might still be able to snag one of our favorite pieces; this empowering “Féminin et Masculin” cotton sweatshirt – a nod to stylish tomboys everywhere!

Check out the collection!

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