Runway to Realway - New York Fashion Week Men’s Edition


We talk about inspiration for our closets often, but it’s now time to discuss the men in our lives. Whether you are deciding on what to get your special someone for Valentine’s Day, or you are a dedicated shopping partner, we saw trends showing up on multiple runways during the CFDA’s Men’s Fashion Week that are easy to mimic and execute on now.

What’s the most interesting to us is that while the trends are executed very differently, a lot of the themes we’ve been talking about recently for our own wardrobes were similarly shown for men.


NYFWM Nautica

Nautica F/W 2016

One of our favorite aspects of the colder seasons year after year is adding cozy sweaters into the mix, and the shows did not disappoint in this area!

Classic fits with updated pattern plays.

Not surprisingly, Nautica was big on this trend. The brand had classic nautical options, as well as mixing thin diagonal stripes with thicker horizontal stripes (seen above).

Try different textures.

Since most men’s collections are typically a more neutral palette, and some guys can be color shy, focus on styles with different knit patterns - a flat knit body with a waffle knit sleeve, a fine cable knit, or a thicker ribbed knit can easily elevate your guy’s wardrobe.

Don't overlook the turtleneck.

This piece has made a comeback in the last year and seems to be here to stay. If he’s looking to make an investment in just one piece, this is definitely one that should be considered.


NYFWM JosephAbboud

Joseph Abboud F/W 2016

Whether shown through a more expected button up shirt under a knit crewneck, or a newer take on a 3-piece suit with a turtleneck, every single show and presentation showcased incredible layering aesthetics.

2 is better than 1.

Similar to the above notion, if your guy is a bit more fashion forward, have him layer a turtleneck with another turtleneck! We’ve seen this look done with a thin knit as the foundational piece and a thicker cable knit on the top (usually with a bigger/slouchy neck).

*Note, this is going to be a very warm style execution, so would save for much colder months!



Public School F/W 2016

A few designers showcased great denim pieces for next season. While all guys may not go for the longer denim shirt as seen at public School (super cool, though!), the brand knows the importance of denim in a wardrobe.

Denim jacket.

Like the denim jean or a white button up, every wardrobe should have at least one denim jacket. We say at least one because a darker shade and a really light, slightly worn alternative can be and should be worn differently.

Cuff the jean.

Most guys have probably tried this trend once or twice as an ode to James Dean (top header photo). The key here is making a cuff of about 3-4 inches and using a thicker selvedge denim to keep the cuff in place and avoid scrunching.

Layer (again!).

This tip merges the layering and knitwear trend together: add a denim jacket over a turtleneck. This trend is actually one we’ve stolen from the guys and added into our own wardrobe. It gives a really cool layering aesthetic for a more fashion-driven look, and it allows our favorite spring/summer piece to be worn year round!


NYFWM ZacharyParcell

Zachary Prell F/W 2016

We just discussed this trend for ourselves with winter whites, and it’s just as important for men. Joseph Abboud showcased a winter white 3-piece suit and Perry Ellis showed their take with a deep red knit sweater/jacket/trouser combo.

Don't be perfect.

We’ve said it before and we’ve said it again - don’t try to match each piece perfectly. No matter how hard you or he tries, if you get pieces from different brands/stores, it will not match. Mix and match different textures, similar hues, and different knits.

Focus on a color story.

To elaborate on this aspect above, if you want a head-to-toe blue look, for example, this doesn't have to be head-to-toe denim. Mixing a dark blue knit sweater with dark denim, or dark blue chinos, is an effortless way to execute this trend.

No matter which tip you think he will like the best, always check the labels before purchasing! After all, avoiding mystery fabrics shows him how much you care (wink, wink).

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