Replacing Plastic Bags with Cotton Totes!

cotton news L L Bean tote bag

California is taking action! Some cities in this beautifully sunny state have outlawed plastic bags in an effort to help save the environment – which means, it’s time to start toting cute cotton totes instead!

Governor Jerry Brown has recently signed a legislation that will begin to phase plastic bags out of stores by 2016. The reason? Plastic bags are continuously polluting parks, beaches and oceans. Plastic bags are used once and then tossed in the trash, making them extremely harmful to our planet. A better way to reduce your carbon footprint is to start carrying reusable cotton styles. A cotton tote is durable and washable, making it perfect for carrying all of your groceries or convenient store goods. Furthermore, there are some fashionably fresh styles out there as well.

From small to large, and sequined to printed, these reusable cotton bags are good for you and our beautiful mother earth! It's a win-win. While Cali is the only state to jump on board the environmentalist train, there's a good chance other states will catch on and follow suit, making this push for cleaner cities a big step towards a cleaner country and hopefully a happier earth! So next time your heading out to Whole Foods, Fairway or your local pharmacy, grab one of these cute cotton bags instead!

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