Reduce, Reuse and Recycle with Cotton This Earth Day

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You don’t need to single-handedly rebuild the rainforest to make a difference for Earth Day. Start by taking a few small steps to help the environment. Whether it’s choosing natural fiber clothing, skipping plastic bags at the grocery store, or even giving your old denim new life, it only takes a second to make an impact.


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Shopping cotton clothing means that instead of buying a new LBD every season, you only need to invest in one that will last you a few years. Key, quality fiber basics can not only be worn different ways, but they can last longer than some fast-fashion mystery fiber blends. Cotton washes more easily, meaning you don’t have to throw it into the laundry multiple times to get it clean. That’s a win-win if we’ve ever seen one.


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According to, “Plastic bags are made from fossil fuels, and it requires 2.2 billion pounds of fossil fuel and 3.9 billion gallons of fresh water to produce the 100 billion plastic bags the US consumes each year.” That’s a lot of resources. Choose cotton canvas bags for your next shopping trip, beach trip, picnic and every day usage. With endless amounts of different styles, colors and shapes to choose from, you’ll never get bored.


Ready to get rid of those outgrown or damaged baby blues? What if instead of throwing your denim into the trash, you could recycle it to help build a home? Or a community? Thanks to the Blue Jeans Go Green™ denim recycling program, denim waste is being transformed into denim insulation, not only diverting it from landfills (Americans send 10.5 million tons of clothing to landfills every year) but also helping with building efforts for communities across the US.

To date over 1,000,000 pieces of denim have been collected, 600+ tons of denim has been diverted from landfills and 2+ million square feet of denim insulation has been generated. That’s a lot of denim!

This year, Blue Jeans Go Green™ partnered with denim company Madewell on a nationwide initiative. For every pair of jeans that is recycled at a Madewell location, you will receive $20-off your next pair of jeans at the store! More of a seasoned online shopper? Now (while supplies last), for every online order, Madewell will send you a prepaid shipping envelope to collect your unwanted denim to be upcycled into the housing insulation. To say thank you, mail-in customers will also be able to redeem $20 off a new pair of denim in store. Don’t have a Madewell drop off near you? Click here to learn how you can get involved from anywhere, any day of the year.

Looking to get rid of your other clothes in addition to your jeans? Donate your unused or gently used clothes to thrift stores like Goodwill, United Way and the American Red Cross instead of throwing them out.

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