Quirky Uses For Cotton

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If you’re feeling bored and kicking off the year with a budget-friendly mindset, look no further than your closest cabinet for all the essentials you’ll need to accomplish these nifty cotton tricks and crafts.

Sock bun

The bun is here to stay. For work or for play, the flawless ‘do is a great way to change up your look. AND, even if you have thinner hair, if it’s passed the shoulders it usually works! Tie up your hair with a tube sock (tutorial here) for a long lasting elegant style.

DIY Cotton Face mask

Every day is the perfect day to pamper yourself. If you read our New Year, New Face post, we mentioned 2 different masks that do wonders for your face. You can create a similar experience by grabbing cotton balls from the drawer and adding facial serum from your vanity for an easy and effective DIY.

Cotton Garland

Need a photobooth backdrop for your next party? Try a winter inspired one! All you’ll need are cotton balls and some clear plastic twine. Thread the cotton balls on the twine, making sure to space them a few inches apart and secure each with a knot on either side as you string. And, Voila! It’ll be sure to rack up a ton of likes on instagram.

Glowing Clouds of Cotton

Hang them up in your room for the ultimate nightlight. Hometalk.com gives a simple tutorial.

All you need is:

1. Paper Lantern or luminaire.
2. Flameless candles, LED lights, illuminated cable (depends on your preferences and the items you have handy)
3. Glue - ModPodge would do just fine;
4. Cotton batting
6. Imagination!

Do you have fun DIY tricks with cotton? Share with us @DiscoverCotton!

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