Playfully Printed Socks for Men

cotton news happy socks 2 pack mens socks

Would you believe us if we told you the biggest hit in menswear today is socks? It’s true, socks are having a major moment right now in the men’s department and we’re loving it!

When we say socks, we aren’t just talking about any ordinary cotton socks. Men today are gravitating towards playfully printed styles and colorful designs that really pop. These funky footies are really soaring amongst men as a way for them to express themselves. For example, it’s far easier to get away with a paisley printed pair of socks then an obnoxious yellow and purple blazer. For that reason, men have taken to exploring new colors and prints in a far more demure and less obnoxious way.

Stores are paying attention to this new development by making men’s socks a fashion statement and outfit accessory. Brands such as Happy Socks, Dwayne Wade, and Argoz are creating fresh new looks that will really stand out from underneath pants and suits.

Our suggestion is to look for bright pairs rich in cotton! In our Workout Wear post, we discussed a study that proved synthetic fibers hold on to odor causing bacteria far easier then natural fabrics such as cotton. So men, listen up! In order to get a cool and trendy style without the smelly feet, go with one of these pairs of cotton socks to make a fashionable splash.

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