Leave Comfort to Clothes

Leave Comfort To Clothes Hero

Comfort. We feel it when we come home from a long day, pull on our pajamas, nestle into our couches, pull a soft blanket over our feet. We feel it when we finally pull our comforters close when we climb into bed, shut our eyes at night. We feel it when we put on a cardigan on a cool spring day, wrap our arms around ourselves, feel the fabric warming us. Comfort happens in the small moments of life, the moments we cherish and don’t always appreciate.

But comfort can also mean safe, ordinary, stable. Boring. Nothing that has ever been achieved fits that description. Life is really lived outside of comfort—outside of our comfort zones.

We live in a time where opportunities are more accessible than ever, where every day can become an adventure, where taking a chance has the potential to completely transform your life. If you can leave your comfort zone behind.

It’ll take confidence, bravery, guts, and it won’t be easy—but it’ll be worth it. Here at Cotton, we’re celebrating those life-changing moments, whether they’re big or small. We believe that self-expression is the key to confidence, and confidence is the key to making your dreams a reality.

Often, it starts with our clothes. We wear what we think best expresses who we are on the inside. When we’re comfortable in our clothes, we’re comfortable with ourselves. We have confidence. We feel powerful.

So put on that dress that makes you feel invincible. Straighten your tie, and adjust your sleeves. Run for one more mile. Step on stage. Tell them how you really feel. Ask for that promotion. Change your career. Jump into the mud. Do what scares you.

Step out of your comfort zone. Leave comfort to clothes.

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