Khaki is Back (And We’re Into It)

Khaki Coat Trench Cotton 630 300

It seems like an eternity has passed since the days when khaki used to dominate our closets and runways. When we think back to the time when khaki was in its prime, our minds seem to associate the fabric with school uniforms and Carlton from Fresh Prince.

Khakis has come a long way, and is now a versatile closet staple; an extension of the basics trend. But just because khaki is a basic staple, doesn’t mean that it is limited to looking basic. Khaki is now styled as dresses, skirts, and as our favorite fall closet staple – a trench. But is khaki here to stay? Jenna Caccavo, a trend analyst from Cotton Incorporated, is a firm believer. "Perhaps it’s a rebellion of the psyche in reaction to choice overload, but less is becoming more in so many aspects of our life. As basics begin to reclaim real estate in our closets, khakis will surely be in the mix."  Khaki is the fabric that should be incorporated in everyone’s fall ensemble, especially now that basic staples have transformed to become a modern trend.  

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