Traveling Palm Springs with Amy Stone

amystone coverphoto

Who says you can’t hit the pool after Labor Day? At Cotton, we live for the long weekend, no matter what the season, but we won’t go far without breathable, versatile pieces. And what do you know—blogger Amy Stone feels the same way!

If you’ve stopped by our Instagram lately, you’ll know the fashion guru took over our handle last week to showcase her breeziest travel essentials while vacationing at Palm Springs, California. Here we’ve rounded up our favorite moments and packing pro-tips . . .

The takeaway: It’s never a bad time to get away. Enjoy, discover and savor the moment!

Craving a getaway like Amy’s? Show off your favorite cotton packing essentials: just post on Instagram with #StyleontheflyContest and #CottonFavorites and tag @DiscoverCotton for the chance to win $4,000 toward a dream vacation from us and Refinery29. You can learn more here.

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