Updating Your Favorite Items For The Holidays With I Spy DIY

No time to shop, but have nothing to wear? Or maybe you want to look fabulous, but you are on a budget. Have no fear, I Spy DIY is here! Do it yourself guru and all around fashion maven Jenni Radosevich has teamed up with Cotton to share two of her go-to projects for fast but fabulous fashion. We can't wait to see you sparkle in cotton - share your projects with us on Instagram at @discovercotton!

Gem Cardigan

Take your cardigan to the next level with the newest edition of Cotton DIY. Follow Jenni - and her simple steps below - and prepare to amaze at your next party.

Step 1

What you'll need:

  • Cotton Cardigan
  • Gems
  • Gem Glue
  • Sewing Kit

Step 2

Arrange the gems in the pattern you want on the cardigan.

Step 3

Using the Gem Glue, glue down each gem onto the cardigan. Let dry.

Step 4

For additional reinforcement, stitch each gem on and tie off the ends on the inside of the cardigan.

And there you have it!

A wonderfully unique, totally festive cardigan! Make sure to hand wash this piece.

Gem Dress

You've worn that basic dress a thousand and one times, and you're ready for a change. A quick DIY and you're out the door looking as trendy as Jenni! Simply follow the same steps as above, and rock that sparkly frock on your next night out.

For more fun DIY projects and to learn more about Jenni, visit her website at I Spy DIY. And for Cotton essentials to bedazzle and make your own, please visit our Cotton Shop!

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