Updating Your Favorite Items For The Holidays With I Spy DIY

No time to shop, but have nothing to wear? Or maybe you want to look fabulous, but you are on a budget. Have no fear, I Spy DIY is here! Do it yourself guru and all around fashion maven Jenni Radosevich has teamed up with Cotton to share two of her go-to projects for fast but fabulous fashion. We can't wait to see you sparkle in cotton - share your projects with us on Instagram at @discovercotton!

Gem Cardigan

Take your cardigan to the next level with the newest edition of Cotton DIY. Follow Jenni - and her simple steps below - and prepare to amaze at your next party.

Step 1


What you'll need:

  • Cotton Cardigan
  • Gems
  • Gem Glue
  • Sewing Kit

Step 2


Arrange the gems in the pattern you want on the cardigan.

Step 3


Using the Gem Glue, glue down each gem onto the cardigan. Let dry.

Step 4


For additional reinforcement, stitch each gem on and tie off the ends on the inside of the cardigan.

And there you have it!


A wonderfully unique, totally festive cardigan! Make sure to hand wash this piece.

Gem Dress

You've worn that basic dress a thousand and one times, and you're ready for a change. A quick DIY and you're out the door looking as trendy as Jenni! Simply follow the same steps as above, and rock that sparkly frock on your next night out.

ISpyDIY3Images 3

For more fun DIY projects and to learn more about Jenni, visit her website at I Spy DIY. And for Cotton essentials to bedazzle and make your own, please visit our Cotton Shop!

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