How To Wear “Workleisure” And Still Look Professional

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It’s official—“athleisure” isn’t a trend anymore. It’s just how we tend to dress. The leggings-as-pants trend has moved far beyond the yoga mat and into our everyday lives. After all, who doesn’t want to live their lives in a comfy pair of stretchy pants? Athleisure has become so ubiquitous that people are even adapting the trend to wear to work. This is called “workleisure” and it’s much easier to pull off than it sounds! Even if your office dress code is business casual, there are ways to look professional and be comfortable at the same time. And it starts with cotton.

Cotton is the perfect fabric for workleisure because it doesn’t look like workout clothes. It’s not shiny like synthetic fabrics, making it seem less like gym gear. Cotton clothing is also the most comfortable, breathable, and as a plus, it washes cleaner, meaning your cotton workleisure won’t hold odors after you wash. Keep reading for styling tips to rock the workleisure trend to the office tomorrow.

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Leggings as Pants

Yes—leggings worn as pants are here to stay. But you can’t wear your typical yoga pants to work. It comes down to the material: try a cotton blend stretch legging with a mid-to heavyweight construction and good quality stitching. The thick cotton material makes them look like trousers, but the added stretch makes them super comfortable! To make sure your leggings look professional, pair them with a longer, flowy top that will cover your hips. Stray away from a too-fitted top, and of course, skip the crop tops!

Soft, Knit Tops

Black pants and a white button-down is a classic work ensemble, but if you’re opting for a workleisure look, switch out the white blouse for a soft, knit top. Or, if you love the crisp, clean look of a white button-down, find one with a bit of stretch and sporty detailing, like this one from Tory Burch. The pops of blue on the collar and sleeves make this a perfect, professional choice to take from the office to anywhere else. Pair a top like this with a soft, knit skirt, or even your leggings. No one will even know how comfortable you are!

Cotton Canvas Sneakers

A great workleisure look can be elevated for meetings and work lunches simply by donning a pair of sleek heels or boots, but there’s nothing more comfortable than a pair of cotton canvas sneakers. Because they’re not workout shoes, they still retain an air of professionalism, and they’ll definitely be kind to your feet! Black or white canvas sneakers are timeless, while a colorful or patterned pair can transform an office look! Juxtapose sneakers with a skirt or dress to give a feminine look some sporty flare.

Stretch Dresses and Skirts

Stretchy dresses and skirts are a great way to wear workleisure without making the trend super obvious. The right fabrics, like jersey or knits, ensure your cotton skirts and dresses look like they’re way more uncomfortable than they are. A rib-knit pencil skirt or a jersey wrap dress are both as professional as they are comfortable! If you really want to commit to the workleisure trend, a slouchy slub-knit or simple white tee on top of a pencil skirt is the way to go. Match with a comfy cardigan to complete the look!

Accessorize Well

While wearing workleisure every day is probably not possible, it’s a wonderful choice on days when comfort is your main priority. Luckily, workleisure is easy to dress up—a statement necklace, a structured blazer, and a shoe swap-out are simple upgrades if you need to appear more professional in a pinch!

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