How To Wear A Seersucker Suit This Summer

Groomsmen wearing white pinstripe seersucker suits

Seersucker. It’s a classic style of suit that has fallen out of popular fashion ever since it came onto the menswear scene in the late nineteenth century. But lately, we’ve seen seersucker make a triumphant return to men’s closets, and for good reason. It’s a timeless suit with a timeless fiber—cotton—that will make a statement at every party you attend this summer.

Originally used by laborers, seersucker is a highly breathable, 100% cotton fabric with characteristic skinny stripes that are usually blue, but can also be any color. The fabric has a slight pucker from the striped weave and is ultra-lightweight, making it the perfect warm weather fabric. Perfectly suited—pun intended—for semi-formal outdoor events like a beach wedding, seersucker suits are easy to style if you keep these tips in mind.

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Seersucker should be unlined for maximum breathability. If the suit you found has a polyester lining, that could mean a sweaty disaster instead of cool cottony comfort.

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Real seersucker should always be 100% cotton. Check your labels before buying!

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Seersucker is low maintenance because it doesn’t have to be ironed or pressed—a little creasing is fine and normal for a less formal suit like seersucker, but look for pants with a reinforced hem, to improve the fit.

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To avoid letting your seersucker suit look like a period costume, keep accessories simple and purposeful. Socks can be matched in color to your suit, while your necktie should be made of a knit material (like cotton!) rather than a woven silk.


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If you’re new to seersucker, stick with the classic blue-and-white stripe. But if you’re feeling adventurous, you can look for pink, green, and even brown seersucker.


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