How To Upgrade Your Denim Jacket

update denim jacket DIY project

The jean jacket is one of the most iconic pieces you can own. Having it in your wardrobe means you have the perfect piece to make any outfit cooler and more casual. Denim may change in style, cut and length but its necessity will never waver. Ever wonder why your jean jacket is probably the longest lasting piece in your coat closet? That’s because it’s made of cotton. The fabric is extremely durable and easy to care for.

This season, denim jackets have taken on a new life by being overtaken with patches, pins, and embellishments. How do you accomplish this look yourself? Well, depends on the vibe you’re going for: subtle or all-out.

To get the subtle look, opt for a few select iron on patches (that you may need to sew in for extra support). Tap into your nostalgia by picking ones from places you’ve visited or bands you loved growing up. To keep it cohesive, choose a color scheme or a theme and be selective where you put each patch and which patches you pick.
For a more all-out style, add tons of buttons and brooches to your jean jacket on top of the array of patches. Cover the entire back so there’s practically no jean showing on the upper panel. It’s important to make sure it’s covered as opposed to clustered so the design feels intentional as opposed to haphazard.

Sounds incredible, right? So where can you buy look for yourself? Whether you’re on board for a little DIY, or just want to purchase the jacket pre-blinged out, we assembled some great finds below.

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