How to Update Your Winter Wardrobe With Winter Whites


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It’s the middle of February and that can mean two things. First, a lot of us are sun deprived and endlessly thinking about where to travel to for a long weekend. Second, those of us living in colder climates have fallen into a wardrobe slump - head-to-toe black, no color anywhere, or finding ourselves wearing the same thing every week (mine is a ‘Canadian Tuxedo’ and is sometimes worn all weekend). The need for bundling up has become a priority over finding inspiration.

There is one color that seems to be overlooked all too often, and that’s winter white. Every time we see someone wearing this shade - also referred to as ‘oyster’ and ‘cream’ - we get envious of how simple and luxurious it looks.

Ready? Let's talk about 2 super easy ways to update your wardrobe.

Replace Other Expected Neutrals

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Implementing winter white into your wardrobe doesn’t mean an overhaul. Think about your current wardrobe - browns, greys, dark tans - all of these colors are neutrals and go with everything.

To make subtle updates and gradually get more comfortable wearing a light color, replacing that grey sweater, brown pants, or black jacket with one winter white piece instantly elevates your look. The same way you wear white in the summer, this shade works with any and all colors.



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So you are, or are getting, comfortable with rocking those winter white denim skinny jeans and want to do more. Easy! Embrace your inner street style star and pair it with an oversized knit sweater. This head-to-toe look is simply classic and oh-so chic. And, more so than any other monochromatic look, added color touches - whether an emerald green hat, a red clutch (or lip), or some cobalt pumps - truly pop.

A Few Tips

Embrace the variations of tones and mix a few different textures together rather than limiting yourself to one white hue.

Fit is key. Same with summer whites, well fitting or tailored pieces are key to create clean lines, and will also appear more flattering.

Keep it clean - check out our Care Tips for information on how to best wash and maintain your cotton whites.

We’d love to see how you style it and make it your own. Share your outfits (or any tips we’ve missed!) with #CottonFavorites for the chance to be featured on our Instagram page!

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