How To Coordinate Your Wedding Day Look With Your Groom

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Love is in the air and your wedding is coming up. Congratulations! You’ve got your big day fast approaching, and you’ve got everything set: the venue, the caterer, the dress – it’s time to make sure the groom is ready for that walk down the aisle. Don’t leave the groom to wear the traditional penguin suit. It is so easy to coordinate his outfit with your once-in-a-lifetime dress.

Especially as the weather warms up, it is important to choose a breathable fabric. The nerves will already have you sweating!

We’ve rounded up our favorite trends, and matched them to some seriously stylish groom looks. Need more inspiration? Check out our bridal Pinterest board!

Elegant lace is about as traditional as you can get with a wedding gown. Popularity of the white lace wedding gowns dates back to the 19th century. The earliest known wearing was Queen Victoria back in 1840. That’s why it’s not a surprise that trending in this spring’s bridal trends are ethereal and romantic lace designs. Have your man coordinate flawlessly by subtly incorporating lace design into his bow tie.

For women who opt for a less traditional hue for their wedding dress, like blush, it’s important that your groom’s look coordinates with your color scheme. To help bridge the color gap, have the lucky guy wear a blush shirt. For guys who will be first taking their shirt out of the packaging on the wedding day, a wrinkle-free cotton shirt will save a last minute trip to the ironing board.

For the bride that wants a more low-key affair, her dress tends to steer towards the less volume and more simplicity. Short, light cotton dresses and minimalist details are a must for the girl with a mission to keep it casual. For the groom to get this look, have him carry out the laid back vibe with a blazer in favor of a traditional suit. He can complete the look with a white button down and khakis.

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