Gerber Diapers You (and Your Baby) Will Love

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Listen, parents. We know how you feel. You love everything about your babies and enjoy taking care of them, but when it comes to changing a dirty diaper, no mom is safe. It’s a dirty job, and someone has to do it. Although you may never truly know what surprises await when you take your little one to the changing table, the diapers you choose to put your baby in makes a big difference when it comes to diaper duty.

That's why we’re giving a nice pat on the pack to the baby connoisseurs over at Gerber for creating another truly innovative product. If you’re the type to reuse and recycle, you will absolutely love Gerber’s new line of reusable diapers. This fab product is a washable diaper featuring a removable cotton liner. It comes in four fun colors AND it was made using the TransDRY technology, which stands for “Transfers moisture, dries faster.” These amazing diapers have all the comfort and softness your baby loves coupled with the fast-drying benefits you appreciate when it comes to changing a dirty diaper. So you can feel a bit more prepared next time you brave your baby’s diaper changing hour.

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