Favorites Through the Ages: Wedding Wears

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Picture this. It’s your wedding day. You’re a little nervous to walk down the aisle and you’re sweating all the way from your embellished crystal head-wrap down to your strappy stiletto pumps. Despite your wedding day nerves, you’re clad in what seems to be the most beautiful dress ever created – it’s comfortable, breathable and undeniably exquisite. To nobody’s surprise, the dress is made of cotton!

Wearing cotton on your wedding day is not a new or unusual tradition. In fact, many brides actually preferred it to other materials back in the 1960s. We got in touch with our Vintage Fashion Expert, Charlotte Smith, to talk about bridal gowns and cotton’s role in the tradition of holy matrimony. She told us, “In the 1960s, cotton velour was all the rage. Every type of garment, for men and women, was made of it. A bride who wore a cotton velour wedding dress was clearly showing everyone how fashionable she was.”

Charlotte explained to us that brides-to-be saw the benefits of wearing cotton to their wedding. Not only was it fashion-forward and a symbol of elegant taste, it was also comfortable making it a natural choice for a ceremony celebrating love and commitment. Charlotte shows us a white velvet wedding gown from the 60s and notes, “With June being the most popular month for weddings, cotton continues to be the obvious fiber for the perfect, summery bridal gown.”

We set out to find beautiful white dresses for all your wedding day festivities. Whether you’re wearing one of these dresses to your shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner or the wedding itself, these cotton designs will make a beautiful statement. Shop the collection!

Favorites Through the Ages: Wedding Wear

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