Favorites Through The Ages: Lace

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When you see a fabric such as lace, the first thing that comes to your mind is bridal. While lace is a popular style for wedding dresses and other formal garments, it can also be easily incorporated into everyday ensembles as well. We caught up with our favorite Vintage Fashion Expert, Charlotte Smith, to find out a little more about this feminine cotton fabric.

Charlotte told us, “As early as the 16th century, cotton lace has been a luxurious staple in a woman’s wardrobe. It began with Queen Elizabeth the 1st who insisted her elaborate collars and cuffs be made of cotton lace. Four hundred years later, Victorian ladies enjoyed the delicate flourish of cotton lace trims on their bustle gowns or the dainty touch of lacy summer blouses.”

Charlotte shows us a gorgeous lace gown from her own collection and tell us, “This gown from 1905, by Anna Dunlevy of Cincinnati, Ohio, took over six months to make and a small fortune to buy.”

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While lace was a luxurious fabric often used in vintage dresses and gowns, Charlotte assures us it’s just as popular today in clothing as it was back then. Charlotte explains, “During the 20th century, lace tea gowns went out of fashion as lace ‘New Look’ cocktail dresses came in only to be replaced by Mod lace pantsuits, mini dresses, power suits and even bathing suits - such is the versatility of cotton lace.”

Today, wearing something made from cotton lace continues to be the epitome of lady-like sophistication the world over. Inspired by Charlotte’s vintage garment? Shop our specially curated lace collection below!

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