Favorites Through the Ages: Festival Fashion

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When it comes to festival fashion, a few specific garments and accessories come to mind. There’s the iconic bell sleeved mini dress, the ever-so-popular denim short-short, and the infamous flower garland head wrap that sits so perfectly atop the crown of ever festival goer’s head. While most people dress in bohemian, hippie inspired garb at Lollapalooza, Coachella and Bonaroo a few times throughout the year, these styles are actually replications of everyday outfits from the 60s and 70s. Which means, there was a time that festival fashion was the norm and those who rocked it – rocked it well!

We caught up with our Vintage Fashion Expert, Charlotte Smith, to talk about the garments that inspire the festival world today. While showing us a fabulous 1970s denim jacket and white cotton dress design Charlotte notes, “Back in the 70s, when Woodstock was the music festival for the masses, a cotton macramé hippe dress was de rigeur as festival attire. Accessorized with sandals, a daisy chain halo, and a soft floppy hat, the iconic hipster look was completed with a faded denim boyfriend jacket.”

Charlotte made sure to point out how important cotton was to concert lovers across the globe. Charlotte told us, “Hand-made and natural were sacred words. Cotton clothing was groovy! Today, natural materials like cotton continue to be the trendy choice for festival-goers who desire to ooze individuality along with carefree 70s flair.”

We’re in love with this boho-chic style. Shop these dresses inspired by Charlottes 1970s ensemble!

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