Favorites Through the Ages: Blazers

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There’s nothing more chic than a great blazer. Not only is it perfect for both day and night but it can easily be taken from the office to happy hour with the switch of a few accessories. It adds instant polish to every ensemble and pulls together a look in a snap!

When it comes to shopping for the perfect style of blazer, there are a few pointers to keep in mind. Personally, we love a menswear inspired notched lapel and flattering buttoned front, but aside from the details, you should always remember to check the label for cotton. Not only does this mean your blazer will be easy to clean and care for, but it also means you won’t be uncomfortable in your jacket. A cotton blazer is breathable, soft and extremely versatile.

We caught up with our Vintage Fashion Expert Charlotte Smith to find out a little more about this special design. Charlotte told us, “To ‘help win the war’, many women joined the work force. Sensible, practical clothes were required. Austerity measures meant cloth, including cotton, was rationed. This affected the manufacture of clothing and everyday cotton garments were hard to come by,” – making them especially sought after by women in the workforce.

Charlotte explained that the shape of these jackets were simple in their construction. An early version of a blazer was short, boxy and unlined with slit pockets and only three front buttons. Charlotte showed us this ribbed, cotton twill ‘jacket’ from the 1940s.

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Charlotte continued on to say, “Without doubt, the blazer is a 20th century story marking the journey of modern, working women.” No wonder these leading ladies were so in love with cotton when it came to their career ensembles! If you’re feeling the need to get your hands on a cotton blazer inspired by the one in Charlotte’s collection, check out a few modern styles below and shop now!

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