Fall Into A New Workout Routine This Season With Cotton Activewear

Activewear Cotton Hero

Fall has arrived, bringing with it cooler weather, new responsibilities, and a fresh start. When the dog days wrap up we all feel a little bit more motivated to reach goals and get back in shape after spending weeks lounging on beaches and grilling burgers. Recommitting to an exercise schedule may be just the boost of endorphins you need to deal with short days and cold nights.

Whether you’re a runner, a lifter, or addicted to spinning, there’s a cotton outfit for you. Here’s why you should ditch the synthetics this season and get yourself some cotton activewear for your next workout.

Comfort, Stretch, and Style

Cotton pretty much corners the market on comfort, and this benefit extends to your activewear. Cotton workout clothes are soft and comfy, and because cotton breathes, it’ll keep you cool during a workout. A little bit of stretch added to cotton makes the perfect fiber blend for your new exercise regimen. As an added bonus, cotton workout clothes wash cleaner in the laundry, so your workout clothes won’t trap the smell of sweat after you wash. According to the Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor™, cotton has so many benefits that nearly 6 in 10 people prefer their activewear contains at least 60% of it.

Cotton clothing can also pack some of the best “technologies” that typical workout wear is known for, like the ability to wick away moisture and sweat from your skin, and the ability to dry much faster than regular cotton. Check out Under Armour’s Charged Cotton®, Eddie Bauer’s FreeDry® or Carhartt’s FastDry®. With moisture-wicking and fast-drying cotton fabric, you get all the comfort of a soft cotton fabric as well as the tech you’re used to in your workout clothes.

Lastly, wearing clothes you feel confident in while working out also matters; after all, when you look good, you also feel good—comfortable enough to tackle bigger challenges. Check out our picks for the most comfortable and stylish workout wear below.

What You Wear Underneath Matters Too

When is the last time you checked what fiber your underwear was made of? If the answer is “never,” now is a good time to change that. When you’re working out, moisture tends to accumulate, leading to a much higher risk of yeast infections for both women and men. An easy way to reduce your risk of infection is to wear cotton underwear during workout, especially if you can’t change out of your dirty workout clothes immediately after. It’s a quick change that can have immensely positive effects. Read more about this here.

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