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Cotton is a fashion-forward, natural and versatile fabric that works all-year round, for every occasion. While we know how durable and easy to care for our favorite fabric is, it’s important to know just how to care for it. One of our favorite facts about cotton is that it doesn’t retain odors like oil-based fabrics. This means you can wait a bit before heading back to the laundry room. As if skipping a trip to the laundry room isn't fabulous enough already, you’re also saving money, water and energy. However, when it is time to give your duds a good rinse, knowing the right products to use is imperative in helping them last even longer.

So we hit up the P&G Future Fabrics event this morning to learn a little something or two about caring for your clothes at home. We heard from scientists, stylists and fashion directors alike that told us the key to protecting your investment pieces is using the right ingredients from the start. The trick to picking out the right detergent and softeners is to make sure the product follows these three simple FiberSCIENCE steps – step 1: clean, step 2: protect and step 3: enhance. We observed, smelled and touched numerous styles of clothes to see how their products compare to competitors. It turns out, it’s no competition! Through their scientists, fashion enthusiasts and even a cognitive psychologist's multiple tests, P&G showed just how their products give your clothes a longer shelf life.

As a host of this year’s P&G Future Fabric’s event, we caught up with Fashion Police expert and stylist to the stars George Kostopoulos. He explained how important the feel, look and smell of your clothes are when it comes to your perception of them. We love George holding up this cotton Ellen Tracy LBD!

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