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Just because Easter is coming up right after the first day of spring, doesn’t mean spring has officially sprung. The weather is as unpredictable as ever and planning your outfit for the festivities can be a headache. We understand you want to look great so take our advice for how to dress while keeping your bunny tail in check.

Be One With The Blazer

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No one wants to be shivering while finding those pesky Easter eggs. Opt for a fun blazer in a bright pastel or floral print to keep your arms covered. Cotton blazers will keep you warm but will also breathe if you work up a sweat searching for those eggs.

Pair your blazer with a blouse and dark jeans for a casual look, while an eyelet dress will complete a formal ensemble. Want to be bold and experiment with print on print or mix and match? Find a common color scheme with the blazer and dress. If your blazer is floral in primarily the reds and oranges, find a pair with a pinstripe dress in a similar red or orange.

Don’t Fear The White Pant

White Jeans Pants Easter Spring Outfit Style Cotton Hello Fashion StyleCaster Living After Midnite

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Yes, yes, we know. Labor day is still a ways away but some rules were meant to be broken. Namely, this one. White jeans are the way to go. Pants allow you the freedom to spend the day free of worrying if the heavy winds will have your skirt flying up. If your area experiences the blistering sun, your skin is covered from any potential sunburns.

Scared of stains? Who isn’t! If you find your beautiful white pants stained from some chocolate indulging, try this tip from Clorox:

-Scrape off the excess chocolate.
-Pre-treat the stain with either soap or detergent.
-Wash it in the hottest setting of your machine with bleach and repeat as necessary.

See? No need to fear white!

Own The Details

Patterned Summer Scarf Easter Cotton Spring Happily Grey

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If it’s a particularly chilly day, have no fear, the mighty scarf is here. Not only will a cotton scarf give you the soft comfort around your neck but it can also act as your statement piece. If a bright blazer or stark white pants seem daunting, then stick to neutrals and have your scarf do all the talking.

This is a great way to play with pattern mixing if you’re nervous about doing it with a dress and a jacket. Like above, when talking about blazers, pattern mixing can be done seamlessly by sticking to a single color.

Dress The Part

Easter dresses sundresses floral lace print cotton spring

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If the weather is in fact warm (hallelujah!), we have also curated some great Easter dresses to rock. Stay cool by choosing breathable cotton so you won’t be sweating through the Easter feast. If the sun is shining, make your outfit shine too. Stand out from the sea of pastel dresses and go for something with more personality. This is the time to break out the bright yellows and oranges.It’s a time to celebrate, no need to shy away from standing out.

See the entire collection below for dresses, blazers and white pants galore.

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