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When a gentleman dresses himself properly, the benefits are noteworthy. Our clothes not only have the power to transform our state of mind but they also shape how the world views us. A well-dressed man exudes confidence, respect and discipline, making him astutely prepared for the all-important first impression. Oscar Wilde, as usual, expressed it best when he wrote that “a well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.”

The foundation of a gentleman’s wardrobe is the simple yet elegant cotton dress shirt, many of which need to be ironed or sent out to be professionally pressed. For those of us who want to dress for success but can’t, or won’t, iron or pay for our shirts to be pressed at the cleaners after each wearing, there is a solution: the non-iron dress shirt. The non-iron shirt is treated to come out of the dryer ready to wear and they come in just about every style. So whether you lean towards the classic fit, button cuff and spread collar, or the slim fit, French cuff, and cutaway collar, you’ll find a ton of non-iron options for you out there.

It is true that the non-iron dress shirt costs a bit more than most traditional cotton dress shirts. However, these few extra dollars at the register could save you the cumulative cost of professionally pressing the garment for its lifetime or the time you would have spent ironing the shirt yourself.

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