How To Dress For Festivals

how to dress for music festivals festival season wardrobe

Individuality is integral in the world of music. Not being afraid of completely being yourself is what makes artists become legends. This is not only evident in the music but in the artist’s styles as well. Boogie fever brought on the bell bottoms and grunge rock introduced us to ripped denim. Genres of music are constantly influencing fashion trends around the world.

Take a look at the re-emergence of the festival scene to not only see a new found appreciation for diverse musical stylings but also for the incredible fashions that come from the attendees. Festival goers know not only how to rock their individual styles but also how to do it in comfort.

One thing that all attendees know for sure: surviving the heat of festival season means opting for a breathable, durable fabric. Cotton is the only clear choice for festivals - whether it's folk, pop, indie, dance, hip hop, country, or rock.We’re here to help you pack so you are sure to not sacrifice style for comfort. With inspiration from festivals all over America, we broke down what the best frocks to frolic in this season for each genre.


Inspired by Made in America Music Festival: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Channel your inner TLC and rock out like the hip-hop scene of the 90’s. Oversized shirts pair well with splatter bleached leggings while your ripped boyfriend jeans will be complemented nicely with an off the shoulder tees. Summer nights in the north east tend to run cool so don’t forget your bomber jacket. Want to balance your edgier look with some femininity? How about a fun printed headband to play off of. You can even make your own with our DIY tutorial.


Inspired by Bonaroo Music Festival: Manchester, Tennessee

Harness your Woodstock and chill out on a blanket between bands. A thick cotton blanket can not only be a great cushion from the ground, but also will keep you warm during a night set. During the day, be sure to be the best flower child you can be with braids and head-to-toe tie dye. Be one with the earth when you don the ultimate boho staple: the airy maxi dress.


Inspired by Coachella: Indio, California

Be your best hippie-chic by owning tribal prints. Festivals are all about shouting out your personality through your clothes so don’t hold back. The louder the pattern, the better. Don’t want to worry about pairing a shirt to pant? Opt for a light cotton summer dress. You’ll be free to dance and roam without being weighted down by heavy materials. Want to make an old shirt in your wardrobe new again for the festival? Transform it into a crop top with fringe ends or a tank top.


Inspired by CMA music festival: Nashville, Tennessee

Pull out your daisy dukes and plaid shirts for the biggest country music festival in the whole, well, country! This festival is all about shouting your love for the country lifestyle. Make sure your cowboy hat complements that tied up flannel and neck bandana for a day of wagon wheelin’.

Don’t want to deal with shorts during those hot Nashville days? Try pairing your boots with a light colored eyelet cotton dress. Nothing screams country more than a flowing staple like that.


Inspired by ULTRA Music Festival: Miami, Florida

If you’re going to a high energy festival like ULTRA, it’s important that you dress the part. The last thing you should be worried about when the beat drops, is your pants falling down from jumping up and down. Opt for a leotard and skirt option to eliminate the hassle of fixing your shirt and bottoms during your very skilled pop and lock moves.

The Miami heat will be no match for you when choose a sturdy cotton bralette under a breathable tank. Covering your shoulders with a light lacey t-shirt will actually let you enjoy that southern Florida sun.

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