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We’re not the craftiest bunch around here, but that will never stop us from trying DIY. Especially when we’re talking about embellishment, since it really just means getting fancy with beads and glue. We loved this classic cotton chambray shirt from Old Navy and decided to add a little oomph by adding some detail to the collars. The beading only added about $10 to our bottom line, but the results are, dare we say, priceless.

First, launder your shirt (following the fabric care label!). Once you embellish the shirt, you’ll want to hand wash it because the beading is delicate. Then, the most difficult part was figuring out the arrangement of beads on the collar. We played around with a couple different ideas before settling on the finished product; sticking the beads onto clear tape will help you keep them in place as you decide where you want them to go.

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Some of the “beads” we chose were actually earrings, so make sure you have a good pair of pliers handy to clip the posts off if you end up choosing something similar.

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Next, start at the tip of the collar and work your way outward. Use fabric glue and be sure to let the finished product dry for 24 hours, just to let everything completely set.

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How good does that look? We can’t wait to style it with some of our favorite summer trends. Now we’re eyeing some new projects to test our DIY skills – what are your favorite crafty fashion ideas?

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