Cotton Bridesmaid Dress Trends for Comfort and Style

Navy bridesmaid dresses hung up with an ivory wedding gown

Planning a wedding can be so stressful. There are so many decisions to make from finding the perfect venue, to flowers that won’t break the bank, to the bridesmaids’ dresses. What color or cut should they be? How comfortable will all your friends feel in one style of dress? How will they look in pictures? But of all the different variables, we bet you’ve never thought about what your bridesmaids’ dresses are made of. But maybe that’s something to consider.

When it comes to comfort and style, cotton is kind of the best. Cotton is stylish and breathes like other fabrics don’t, so your bridesmaids will stay comfortable during awkward run-ins with single groomsmen, through long photo sessions, and on the dance floor. Keep reading for some style ideas to help your bridesmaids look their best on your big day. Because after all, if they look good, they’ll make you look good!

Here are some of our favorite cotton bridesmaids’ dresses, to help take some of the weight off your wedding-planning shoulders.

Long v. Short Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Depending on the formality of your event, you’ll have to choose whether you want your bridesmaids in a floor-length gown or a mid-length or tea-length dress. For outdoor weddings in the spring and summer, we love the breezy, effortless look of shorter dresses. If you’re getting married in a church or have a reception in a formal hall, you can’t go wrong with long gowns.

Different Dresses, Same Color or Same Dress, Different Colors?

Ensuring all your bridesmaids are comfortable in one style of dress can feel impossible, especially since your friends probably have different tastes and body types. A big wedding trend we’ve seen is to have your bridesmaids stick to one color or color scheme, and pick the dress they like the most and would be able to wear again. We love blush pink for a boho wedding, or red or navy for a deep summer/early fall wedding.

Another option, if you prefer a little more whimsy in your wedding, is to have one style of dress in different hues. We like this trend if the different colors are based on a color palette, like shades of blue, or pastels, or jewel tones. It’ll look cohesive if the tones are similar, but it definitely won’t look stuffy or traditional.

White Bridesmaids’ Dresses Are The Newest Wedding Trend

Wearing white to a wedding is a major faux pas, right? Not with this trend. Dressing your bridesmaids in white is skyrocketing in popularity lately, because it’s different and looks so striking. Your friends and family will look angelic and pristine, especially if your wedding is black tie and the groomsmen are in black tuxes. This trend also works well if you, the bride, aren’t wearing white yourself. Imagine you in a blush or brightly-colored gown, surrounded by pure white bridesmaids! Talk about a wedding you’ll never forget.

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