Commemorate Katrina: Blue Jeans Go Green

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Spring cleaning. We know it’s not your favorite chore, but it is a necessity! It’s time to free your closet of unworn, forgotten, ill-fitting clothing, to make space for all your new summer favorites (think: denim jackets, billowy blouses and sundresses galore)! You’d be surprised to see how good it feels to declutter your home and organize your space. While it’s hard to see some of your old pieces go, your fashion purge will physically and mentally put you in a better place. Plus, you’ll get to do some shopping in the process. Now who doesn’t love that?

As you’re preparing to get your hands dirty, you have to remember, where you send your old garments is as important as the closet cleanout itself. That brings us to the Blue Jeans Go Green denim recycling program. Your spring cleaning probably has you contemplating getting rid of one or two pairs of your old jeans, and we have the perfect place for you to send them!

The Blue Jeans Go Green program takes used denim and recycles it into UltraTouch Denim Insulation for buildings and homes in communities in need. This year, they will be participating in a New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity Build-A-Thon event, kicking off on May 19th. This event will honor the 10 year commemoration of Hurricane Katrina and help insulate new houses going up in the Gulf South. In order to do this, they are aiming to collect 10,000 pieces of denim for the 10 homes being built.

What’s even more exciting, Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Sheryl Crow is joining Blue Jeans Go Green™ for Habitat for Humanity's Build-A-Thon. Completely sold? You can get involved yourself by sending your denim pieces through Blue Jeans Go Green’s mail-in program or you can check here to find locations to drop it off.

Then head on over to our Shop Cotton section to reward yourself for a job well done! If you’re in search of your next favorite pair of jeans, check out Madewell stores around the country. They are collecting denim now through December 31 an when you recycle at one of their stores, you'll receive $20 off a new pair of jeans.

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