cotton news check the labels at the white sales

January is a great month for white sales, when retailers typically discount sheets and bedding. But don’t just look at the price tag – keep a careful eye on the fiber content labels, too.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently fined four retailers to settle federal charges for marketing textile products as being made from bamboo when they were actually made from rayon, a petroleum-based synthetic fiber.

For environmentally-conscious consumers, cotton is a natural and sustainable alternative. And for home textiles, it’s preferred. The Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor™ survey, an ongoing consumer research study that gauges consumer attitudes and behavior, reveals that almost two thirds of women prefer cotton sheets. The majority (81%) of cotton bed sheets at retail are 100% cotton, preferred by consumers for its feel and better breathability.

When you’re going by the touch and the feel, though, it can be hard to differentiate between cotton and some synthetics. So check the fiber content labels to make sure that what you’re getting is 100% cotton. We picked a few of our favorite sheets that are a win-win: on sale, and cotton too. Click the images to purchase. Which ones do you want to see on your bed at home?

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