Catching Up with Reuben Reuel

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Reuben! How has life been since your Cotton Makers film debut?

Busy! It was such an incredible opportunity to be a Cotton Maker. The film finally gave my customers, fans and friends an inside look at what goes on in my studio. It really felt like a true representation of who am I as a designer

Reuben Studio3

Reuben Studio

You were also a featured designer in Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show last November. How was that experience?

It was incredible! Seeing my designs walk the runway on South Beach, the energy from the crowd, and participating in the longest runway show ever – it was an experience I’ll never forget.


What are your favorite pieces from the new Demestiks collection?

We did a wrap dress for the first time this spring and I did a new maxi skirt that we just started selling in March. We immediately sold out of the original print, so I’m experimenting with new ones – I’m just in love with this new print!

It’s beautiful!

We’re also offering this new print in the Maggie skirt. And the same print in different colors. My clients love to have options.

A lot of the prints I use are very rare and hard to find, which can be challenging when trying to produce a full collection.

This print on the Claire Dress has the perfect 1970s-vibe! Where do you source your fabrics?

I know! I get my fabrics from different places, but I was fortunate enough to travel to Holland last year to visit one of my manufacturers – Julius Holland. A lot of the prints I use are very rare and hard to find, which can be challenging when trying to produce a full collection.

We love seeing how your collections have evolved. What’s in the works for next season?

It’s been a really exciting process since I did the Cotton Makers film. This summer I’m working on a higher-end collection that will feature more intricate designs that I’ve always wanted to produce. Now that I’ve been able to expand my team, it’s allowed me to focus on hand-sewing techniques I’m excited to finally share!


I was absolutely floored when I saw Beyoncé wearing your jacket on Instagram! How did it feel to have Beyoncé, Queen B, wearing your clothes?

It was just a moment…to see her in Demestiks three times….I wasn’t expecting that! I was on Instagram one night and I saw her wearing the jacket and I was like “WHAT!” It’s been amazing experience. In the moment you don’t think about it and a couple months go by and you realize…wow that really happened! Yeah…it was a moment [laughs].

So what’s next for Reuben Reuel and Demestiks?

Aside from the higher-end collection, I’m focusing on a new line of bedding and home goods.

reuben reuel home rzd

And Michelle Obama, Michelle Obama, Michelle Obama! That’s my focus this year – getting Michelle in the Gugu Dress! Then I can just die happy [laughs].

Michelle Obama Reuben Reuel

Reuben thank you so much for catching up with Cotton. We can’t wait to shop your new collection.

Thank you! It’s been an amazing journey.

You can shop the new line from Demestiks by Reuben Reuel in Shop Cotton. Follow Reuben on Instagram.

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