cotton news between sheets skinny on threadcount

When it comes to bed sheets, did you know a higher thread count isn’t always better?

Thread count and price are two things consumers first look for in a bed sheet purchase, but don’t assume higher thread counts mean the significantly more luxurious sheets. Some companies actually began counting yarns twisted together but inserted in the fabric weave as one yarn as two individual yarns, so what was previously sold as a two-ply 300 thread count sheet became a 600 thread count sheet. As a result, Cotton Incorporated actually collaborated with other textile experts in the American Society for Testing Materials International (ASTM) D13 Textiles Committee to define the term “thread count” for home textiles in 2006.

The Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor™ survey, an ongoing consumer research study that gauges consumer attitudes and behavior to better understand why and where they shop, and what motivates them to buy, reveals that almost two thirds of women prefer cotton sheets. The majority (81%) of cotton bed sheets at retail are 100% cotton, preferred by consumers for its feel and better breathability.

So what’s a cottonista to do? Choose cotton, of course! It’s soft, easy to care for, and will last. Open the package to feel the sheets themselves; you’ll know pretty quickly whether the sheets are high-quality or not.

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