The Best Socks Are 100% Cotton: Here’s Why

Woman’s legs sticking out of a car window wearing hot pink cotton socks

Socks. They’re kind of a boring clothing item but they’re also absolutely necessary. You need ‘em for work, for working out, and for general comfort (hello fuzzy socks!).

Speaking of comfort, did you know that when you buy “cotton socks” you may not be buying 100% cotton? Often, your “cotton socks” are mixed with other fibers like polyester, nylon, elastane, and even acrylic. Manmade, synthetic fibers don’t have the same benefits that cotton has. For the ultimate in comfort, durability, and yes—even style—search for 100% cotton socks. Cotton socks are softer and more breathable, and can even mean less sweating and other gross things you associate with your feet. Hey—you walk on them all day. Why not wrap them in the best?

Whether you’re looking for ankle, no-show, dress, or a pair with a taco pattern stitched onto them (no judgment), it’s important to know your socks. Here are some of the best pairs we’ve found online, to satisfy all your sock needs.

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No-show socks come in handy when you're wearing ankle boots or flats, so you can stay cool and comfortable all day without ruining your outfit.


No Show Socks for Women

$13.99 Shop Now
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Crew socks are a longer length sock that offer more comfort and warmth, especially at work. Crew socks are also ideal for high-energy sports and are very functional for all occasions.


Crew Socks for Men

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From work to workouts, ankle socks are a crucial cut to stock up on. Versatile and comfortable, these socks go with sneakers and boots.


Ankle Socks for Women

$16.50 Shop Now
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Patterned tube socks add a little bit of style to your boring sock collection. Tube socks can be worn for work if you wear a dress suit, or for working out and playing sports, for both protection and comfort.


Patterned Tube Socks for Men

$19.99 Shop Now

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