Dr. Mike Explains Why Cotton Underwear Is The Best Choice

Dr. Mike Varshavski talks about cotton underwear

If there’s one topic no one really likes to talk about, it’s our underwear. But that’s exactly the topic Doctor Mike tackles with grace in his latest YouTube video. Doctor Mike Varshavski, a board-certified FM doctor of internet fame, takes to the streets of New York City in this video to ask people about a slightly taboo topic: their undies. What are they made of? How many do you own? Why do we even wear underwear in the first place? Let Dr. Mike get to the bottom of our skivvies!

Of all the important points Dr. Mike makes in this video, we especially love the one about choosing cotton underwear. Here’s why.  

Why Wear Cotton Underwear?

Let’s dive right into it. We need to wear underwear for comfort, privacy, and to protect our skin from irritation or infection. But what if the underwear you’re wearing every day isn’t up to the job? Synthetic fibers, like polyester especially, just don’t have the same breathability that natural cotton does. This breathability matters in your clothes on a hot day, but it makes a huge difference when it comes to your drawers.

Polyester, as Doctor Mike describes, can trap moisture close to your skin and create a “breeding ground” for bacteria and yeast infections. Yikes! On the other hand, cotton undies breathe, which means less infection- and odor-causing bacteria, higher comfort, and an overall happier you. Ask any doctor and they’ll give you the same advice: keep it cotton.

Next time you’re buying underwear or doing laundry, take a second to check the labels on your unmentionables. If they’re not cotton, maybe they should be.

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