Best Cotton Cleaning Supplies For Your Home

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Warm weather is officially in sight, meaning we're jump starting our much needed spring cleaning. Time to open the windows, let the fresh air in and start to clean house for the new season. If we were in a Disney movie, we’d be able to whistle a tune to get our forest creature friends to lend a hand paw with those pesky chores. Unfortunately, we are not two-dimensional mythical princesses and we very much do need to think seriously about the products we’re using in our homes.

Let’s dive into some of the best cleaning tools you can have in your arsenal this spring:

For Hard To Clean Spills

In the role that almost had Jennifer Lawrence scoring another Oscar win, the story of Joy Magnano’s cotton Miracle Mop is something not to be missed. “Versatile enough to use wet or dry, its super-absorbent braided microfiber gives you superior results, while self-wringing technology means less stress on your hands and wrists,” Magnano says. The best part? You can throw the mop in the wash whenever you want to.

Use it on nasty spills in the kitchen or tidying up the floors of the bathroom. Whether you want to reenact the movie or leave your home spotless, the mop is your go-to cleaning apparatus.

For Leaving Streak Free Shine

Cut your cleaning time down with these cotton multi-purpose microfiber utility towels. With surface specific functions for each individual towel, stains and grime stand no chance. It includes a “glass towel” for streak-free dish drying, a “stainless towel” for wiping metals, a “utility towel” and a towel for wood. Basically, you have the holy grail of all surface cleaning.

Be sure to get under surfaces as well. Your glass coffee table may not be sparkling because the underside has been ignored.

For Trapping Dust

There is nothing worse than dusting. Especially when instead of cleaning, you’re really pushing dust around and causing continuous sneeze attacks. It’s time to retire your old feather duster and upgrade to ultimate dusting cloths. Leave your home a cleaner environment while saying sayonara to pesky dust. Bonus: it removes allergens.

Be sure to give your old cotton t-shirts a second life by turning them into rags. Fun fact: ever wonder why cotton shirts make the best rags? Cotton fibers become stronger when wet so there’s no need to worry about any shredding mid scrubbing.

For Disinfecting

Instead of moving germs around, get rid of them with a disinfectant. Make your own disinfecting solution by taking the Clorox bleach from your laundry room and diluting it with water (use a half a cup of bleach per gallon of water). This will be hard on germs but not harsh on your space. Pair the solution with a thick cotton dish towel or rag for the ultimate clean. You'll be able to get rid of crumbs, gook, stickiness and all other types of messes.

What are your go-to cleaning supplies? Let us know on Twitter: @DiscoverCotton

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