Beat The Winter Frizz


Winter can be seriously tough on your locks. The dry air and blisteringly cold winds leave hair dehydrated and brittle, which leaves you with a permanent winter frizz halo. This means that your strands are in need of some major TLC. Not to worry! Cotton can help revive your hair from frightfully frizzy to gorgeously glossy.

Ditch the Towel for the Tee


Image via Into the Gloss

It sounds completely absurd, but it’s true - drying your hair with cotton jersey fabric, such as that found in your gym T-shirt, is the insider secret to frizz-free hair. Why, you ask? It’s simple: your towel’s texture is actually aggressive for your softened wet hair. The smooth texture of a cotton tee is enough to absorb the moisture from your hair without disrupting its natural shape. Cotton is also super-absorbent, meaning your locks will be dry and ready to go faster!

Cottonseed Oil to the Rescue


Image via Hello! Magazine

For further frizz protection, pick up a cottonseed oil hair product. This natural beauty additive helps the hair cuticle lie flat, leading to that shiny, healthy look we all yearn for. It also aids in strengthening hair, which means less breakage and split ends! Many cottonseed oil products are leave-in masks and conditioners, which means smooth hair is just one shower away.

So Long Static


Image via Into the Gloss

Wintertime means lots of layers, and lots of fabric friction. If you’ve noticed your clothes get especially static-y during the winter months, check your label - more likely than not, they’re made of mystery fabric blends rather than natural fibers. Cotton is never the culprit for static because it doesn’t hold electric charge. So swap out your old pieces for some winter cotton items, like the ones we highlighted in our Winter Style Guide.

If All Else Fails


Image via Cotton DIY

Sometimes you do everything right, and your hair still rebels. When the forces are working against you on a rainy wintry day, try an updo using cotton in your hair, or do-it-yourself with these fun DIY Cotton Headbands. Flaunt these bold looks fearlessly - and we’ll keep your winter frizz our little secret.

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