Packing List: Cotton Essentials For A Beach Resort Vacation

Woman wearing a shirt dress and circle handbag looking at the ocean during a tropical vacation

Craving warm weather? Have your flight booked and a beach chair reserved at an all-inclusive beach resort paradise? You’ll need a few supplies. When it comes to packing for a tropical resort vacation, the name of the game is comfort, but we don’t want to forget effortless fashion. When thinking about what to pack for a beach vacation, you probably know to remember sunscreen and a bathing suit, but have you ever thought of the fibers your clothes are made of?

Cotton is a natural, breathable, stylish fiber that’s grown from a plant, so it’s a natural--wink, wink--choice for your vacation wardrobe. Cotton summer fabrics are also lightweight, so you won’t overload your luggage. Read on for our packing list suggestions, as well as a shop collection.

On Your Flight

Staying comfortable on a long flight is essential, and we have a few tricks up our sleeves to make sure your trip starts as smoothly as possible. You may already know to dress in light layers, so you can moderate your temperature easily whether your cabin is too hot or too cold. But did you know that cotton, a natural fiber, breathes and keeps you more comfortable than synthetics?

Polyester is adept at trapping in heat and sweat, and its texture can also feel icky against your skin during a long period of time in the air. Keep it cotton to keep comfortable. We recommend a loose-fitting cotton tee with a cotton hoodie or zip-up layered over, and soft cotton leggings. Pro tip: throw a pair of extra cotton socks in your carry-on so you can feel comfortable removing your shoes mid-flight.

At the Resort & The Beach

Cotton pretty much excels at “beach casual.” When you’re busy being a beach bum, make sure you have a few gauzy or open-weave cotton cover-ups. Of course, you’ll also want to remember your cotton beach towel, and even a canvas bag to hold your sunglasses, sunscreen, and that perfect beach read.

Off the beach, nothing says “effortless style” better than flowy cotton sundresses. Perfect for day and night activities, these are easy to dress up with a pair of wedges, or down with flat strappy sandals, so you can go from the beach to dinner without skipping a beat. Remember to pack a longline cotton sweater for any chilly nights, or a straw hat to keep the sun off your face.

Tours and Sightseeing

Even when you’re on a tropical beach resort, you may have some other activities planned, like tours of the town, hikes, or trips through the rainforest. You’ll want to stay cool and collected, but also stylish. After all, there will be plenty of Instagrammable moments on this resort getaway. We recommend a pair of light-wash denim cutoffs, cotton racerback tees, or even loose cotton rompers for traipsing around the countryside.

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