4 Easy DIY Group & Solo Halloween Costumes: For Every Skill Level

Still looking for a creative last-minute Halloween costume? Look no further. These project ideas may be DIY, but they’re anything but complicated. Instantly recognizable yet unique, these Halloween costumes are laid out for you step by step, and all you need are some basic cotton clothing and simple art supplies, as well as a sense of good fun. Whether you’re looking for a simple costume for yourself or you’re in a group costume with a friend, family, or a significant other, these costumes have you covered this Halloween.

Solo: Miss Universe 

Let your inner beauty queen shine through with this punny Miss Universe costume. You’ll be the star of the party. Find out how to do it here, brought to you by Jackie Giardina

For Best Friends: 90s Cartoon Twins

See double this Halloween with your best friend, in these matching 90s cartoon twin costumes. All you’ll need is a cotton dress and tee, some fabric paint, and a pacifier. Brought to you by Jackie Giardina

For Couples: Mermaid's New Legs & Her Prince

Try out this super easy costume of a mermaid walking on new legs alongside her human prince. What you’ll need are cotton tee shirts in white, green, and red, a pair of scissors, twine, and glue. Read all the instructions for the mermaid and the prince, both created by Megan Zietz.

For Families: Circus

Having a big family can be a bit like a circus, so why not dress up as one? This group costume has a role for everyone in the family, from the biggest to the littlest. And they’re all made with soft cotton. Check out the full projects here: ringleader, clown for mom, clown for dad, lion, and strong man, all created by Megan Zietz