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Something Navy and Cotton Talk Motherhood and More at Something Candid: A Virtual Mother’s Day Event

Cotton Contributor

Cotton Contributor
May 14, 2021

Something Navy and Cotton Talk Motherhood and More at Something Candid: A Virtual Mother’s Day Event

This spring, we partnered with Something Navy to present The Cotton Shop, a curated selection of styles from the Something Navy Collection and their “Brands We Love” Marketplace. The Cotton Shop is for women who crave something aspirational, unexpected, and made for real life—and made with our favorite fabric, cotton. Founded by Arielle Charnas, Something Navy is a brand that believes in small luxuries that celebrate who you are: working women, friends, and mothers.

In honor of Mother’s Day, Cotton and Something Navy refreshed The Cotton Shop to include a range of styles from their Mommy & Me and May Collections so that hardworking mothers everywhere can twin with their little ones and do it in a fiber that makes you and your children look and feel great! This past Mother’s Day, Arielle Charnas hosted an event at her flagship store in the West Village, New York City to talk to some of her fellow SN moms about being a mother, having confidence, and remaining stylish amid a busy schedule.

Against The Cotton Shop backdrop of budding cotton, Arielle and The Moms of Team SN—including Meghan Guffey, Tara Moni, and Sara Johnson—got candid about their lives as working mothers. Tara, a new mother of three months, discovered “a newfound appreciation for all mothers,” and reflected on the fact that she can now add “mom” to her self-identity. On the other hand, Meghan and Sara are looking forward to celebrating both of their daughters’ first birthdays this year, a major milestone that gave them both perspective about how being a mother changes you.

Of her daughter Colette, Meghan said, “Motherhood is just the best thing ever. Your children bring out the best in you.”

And of course, a candid conversation with this group had to include fashion. We love the new May Collection = and especially the Mommy & Me pieces because it showcases not only the style versatility of cotton (you and your daughters will both look great in the matching looks!) but also cotton’s relevance as a utility fabric in all four seasons.

“Cotton is such an easy material to incorporate because…in spring and summer, it’s lightweight and airy. In the fall and winter, cotton is super durable and…it keeps you warm underneath your layers,” explained Sara.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Arielle, now the mother of two daughters, has been enjoying watching them grow into their own mini fashionistas. Arielle sticks to cotton for all the basics: “t-shirts, leggings, and onesies because it’s breathable, hypoallergenic, and great for sensitive skin.”

At the end of the day, what we wear daily affects our confidence and our comfort, which is why we love The Cotton Shop at Something Navy, which prioritizes both, with a range of styles for women everywhere.

Shop the styles at or browse them in our own Shop section.