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Small Shop, Big Cotton Finds: Meet Lex & Co.

Cotton Contributor

Cotton Contributor
November 11, 2021

Small Shop, Big Cotton Finds: Meet Lex & Co.

Alexa Suarez, the founder of Lex & Co., credits her fashionable mother for influencing her strong sense of personal style. As a young child, Alexa remembers her mother always looking fashionable, whether she was going to work or running a simple errand. It was this passion for personal style that inspired Alexa to open a boutique of her own.

Enter Lex & Co., a brand built on the tenets of Alexa’s life: an eclectic style, the importance of cultural and size inclusivity, and the ability to step—and dress—out of your comfort zone.

Alexa comes from a Cuban immigrant family, where taking chances and pursuing the many opportunities that the U.S. has to offer is inherent to her roots. “My whole life, I have made ‘safe’ decisions,” Alexa said, “[But] confidence is achieved when one has faith and trust in their own abilities.”


That trust paid off when Alexa opened Lex & Co. on July 1, 2021 in Tampa Bay, Florida. The boutique is a passion project for the Suarez family, a product of their shared love for fashion and family. Because of Alexa and her mother’s different sizes and styles, they could never shop in the same stores. They decided that they wanted to open the store they could both shop in, combining friends, family, and their proud Hispanic heritage into a company that celebrates women.

Alexa describes female empowerment as the core tenet in their business, which is obvious when browsing their site. Care is given to showing their products modeled on women of all sizes and shapes, with particular attention to not only looking good, but feeling good as well. Alexa knows that true comfort comes from confidence and feeling happy in one’s own skin, and that the clothing we choose to wear can truly make a difference inside and out.

“To me, comfort is behaving in a way that seems ‘natural’ or second nature.”

And of course, we also asked Alexa about her favorite fiber, cotton. In her store, she says, she and her mother tend to favor natural, comfortable cotton over synthetic materials, since cotton feels higher in quality. Cotton is integral in creating looks that feel comfortable and are timeless, meant to be worn again and again. We can’t help but agree.

As for Alexa, she’s looking forward to the opening of her storefront in January of 2022 and has the highest of hopes for her brand. She envisions the store being a beautiful place for people to experience the welcoming, feminine ambiance and find confidence in their offerings—not just to shop, but also to discover. She strives for the day when Lex & Co. is known throughout Tampa Bay as the place women go to look and feel their very best.

Shop Lex & Co. or browse in our Shop Cotton section.

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