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Authentic Denim Is Cotton Denim

Authentic Denim Is Cotton Denim

For nearly a hundred and fifty years, denim jeans have been the timeless symbol of classic Americana.

James Dean wore perfectly faded jeans. Marilyn Monroe wore them with a white button-down tucked in. “Rosie the Riveter” made the working-girl denim jumpsuit famous, inspiring generations of American women.

Denim has been constantly reinvented through the decades, whether it was bell-bottom jeans in the 70s, low-rise in the 90s, or the current wide-leg, high-waisted variety. The sky’s the limit when it comes to denim, and we just can’t get enough of it. And denim goes beyond our favorite pair of jeans—its classic look and versatility make it perfect for everything from jean jackets to dresses and jumpsuits.

When you think about your jeans, you may not always think of cotton, but it’s this very fiber that makes blue jeans what they are. Authentic denim is made from cotton, the natural, renewable, durable fabric we all know and love. Only cotton can lend jeans all the particular qualities that make them special: sturdy yet softening with each wear. That perfect wash that fades naturally. The way denim breaks in and makes a pair of jeans uniquely yours, fitting like a second skin.

And though we’re partial to cotton-only jeans, we also love a little stretch added in for that extra feeling of comfort, while maintaining all the wonderful qualities that cotton lends to classic denim. Look for at least 90% cotton in your jeans for that perfect pair you’ll wear for years to come.

We’ve curated our favorite pairs of authentic jeans from retailers across the country, so you can rediscover your love of denim, made unique with The Fabric of Our Lives.®



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